Viral Video Shows Just How Smart and Incredible Elephants Truly Are

incredible Elephants
Source: Facebook/Hashem Al-Ghaili

Elephants may seem like unassuming animals that just go with the flow, but in reality they are incredibly skilled creatures.
The elephant brain is a very complex organ. Elephants are known for having the largest brain of any land animals, and have three times the amount of neurons as humans. Along with a large amount of neurons, elephants have a vast neocortex similar to humans, dolphins, and apes.


These incredible elephants are very loyal creatures that travel in packs. If an elephant is seen on its own, that typically means it was captured or a death was involved. Most elephants are able to use their complex brains to find a way back to the pack if they get separated.

incredible Elephants
Source: Facebook/Hashem Al-Ghaili

Elephants also have a high emotional intelligence. When a member of the pack dies, the large creatures are known to bury each other and mourn their loss. If an elephant is seen stroking another elephant with its trunk, they are most likely comforting each other.
While elephants and humans do not share many characteristics when it comes to appearance, the two species do have a lot in common. Baby elephants are known to suck their trunks, just like babies suck their thumbs. Elephants also can recognize each other after being separated for a period of time, and tend to form strong bonds with companions over time.
Plus, elephants are able to sense when there is a threat, such as a hunter in their surroundings. However, elephants can use their senses to know when humans are there to help them.

incredible Elephants
Source: Facebook/Hashem Al-Ghaili

Due to their ivory tusks, elephants are known to be a main target of poachers. In order to help save the elephants, the Chinese government announced it would put an end to the ivory trade by 2017. However, the Trump administration recently reversed an Obama-era ban on hunters importing elephant trophies, putting the creatures back in immense danger.
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