This Photographer Captured Beautiful Photos of Animals That May Soon Be Extinct

Tim Flach
Source: Instagram/@timflachphotography

This photographer is paying special attention to endangered animals to make sure they will not be forgotten.
Tim Flach is known for his eye-catching photographs of animals around the globe. The London-based photographer recently spent some time focusing on animals that are under threat. Flach was able to capture many of the animals in their natural habitats.


Flach’s latest book, Endangeredfocuses on animals who are near extinction. According to BuzzFeed, the idea for the book “came from discussions he had with conservationists.

The two-year project highlights animals that live around the globe. The animals that Flach captured on film “face some form of threat, including pollution, poaching, lack of food, habitat destruction, and climate change.”

Flach hopes his striking photos will help change the conversation about endangered animals. When people read his book, Flach hopes they ask, “To whom does the term ‘endangered’ really apply?”
“We as humans are connected to animals through our origins,” Flach told BuzzFeed. “If we don’t value them, we might lose them, and lose part of ourselves in the process.”

See more pictures from Endangered on Flach’s website and Facebook page.
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